Workshop of the EAPS Health, Morbidity and Mortality Working Group, Prague, 16.-18. September 2015


The recomended hotels can be divided into two categories according to their location:

  1. Prague 1: Boscolo Carlo IV. Prague, Chopin Hotel, 987 Prague Hotel. As Prague 1 is the most touristic part of the city of Prague, these hotels are in general more expensive than those from the second category. On the other hand, if you choose to stay here, all main touristic attractions will be at your fingertips. A small drawback of this location with respect to the conference is the fact that you will have to cross rather busy (and not too nice) crossingpoint with multiple traffic lights when going to the conference venue.
  2. Prague 3: Ariston Patio/AristonPrague Hotel Theatrino, Victoria. Prague 3 (where also the conference venue lies) is more a residential and commercial quarter of the city of Prague and hence also the hotel prizes are considerably lower compared to Prague 1. Also the walk from the hotel to the conference venue will be more relaxing (from hotels down the hill and back up the hill :-) ).

Map with the hotels

Student accommodation
A limited number of rooms has also been arranged in a student dormitory Jarov, Koněvova 196, Prague 3 which lies 12 minutes (9 stops) by tram number 9 (it operates most of the day with an interval of at most 5 minutes) from the conference venue.

This type of accommodation is without breakfast (although a kitchen is available).

To book the accommodation in the student dormitory, write an e-mail directly to organizers. Reservations will be processed on a “first come, first-served” basis.

Prices per night and person (1 EUR = 27,5 CZK):

single roombathroom en suite 505 CZK
double room, only one bed occupied bathroom en suite 625 CZK
double room, both beds occupied bathroom en suite 425 CZK
triple room, all beds occupied bathroom en suite 325 CZK

Organizing institutes