Workshop of the EAPS Health, Morbidity and Mortality Working Group, Prague, 16.-18. September 2015

Presentations from the workshop

Jacques Vallin, France Meslé How Long Japan Will Stand as the World Best Performer in Life Expectancy?
Patrick Deboosere Evolution of mortality patterns in Belgium 1992–2012
Dan Kašpar, Klára Hulíková Mortality convergence and divergence among selected European countries: methodology and application to cause-specific data and selected regions
Dorly J.H. Deeg, Henrike Galenkamp, Martijn Huisman Increasing life expectancy at older ages despite increasing disease prevalence 1993–2013: explanatory value of life course and period factors
Victoria Semyonova, Tamara Sabgayda Evolution of mortality in elderly 1980–2010: the Russian and European models
Chulhee Lee, K. Kim Changing Relationship between Unemployment and Mortality in South Korea: Did Extended Protection of the National Health Insurance Play a Role?
Vladimir Isupov, Vladimir Lamin, Denis Ananyev Causes of Death in Population during the Periods of Demographic Crises: Russia, 1933
Edviges Coelho, Luis C. Nunes Cohort effects and structural changes in mortality
Tim Riffe, Jonas Schöley, Francisco Villavicencio A Unified Model of Demographic Time
Kateřina Podolská Conditional dependence of long period time series of numbers of deaths by individual causes
Tim Riffe, Pil H. Chung, John MacInnes Using thanatological, chronological and period components of morbidity patterns to estimate future morbidity in the context of changing mortality
Dmitri Jdanov, Vladimir M. Shkolnikov Assessment of cross-sectional and longitudinal components of a difference with an algorithm of contour replacement
Maria Ines Azambuja Use of 1-year intervals in graphic plots of age-period-cohort trends suggests a role for Influenza in secular (period and cohort) variations of all-causes mortality
Adrien Remund, Carlo Giovanni Camarda Measuring young adult excess mortality: a non-parametric additive approach
Lenny Stoeldraijer, Coen van Duin, Fanny Janssen Comparing strategies for matching mortality forecasts to the most recently observed data. What is the best trade-off between short-term accuracy and long-term robustness?
Giorgia Gregoraci et al. The changing contribution of smoking to socio-economic inequalities in mortality in Europe: short and long term international comparisons
Jan Saarela, Irma Elo, Fjalar Finnäs Forced migration at childhood: are there long-term health effects?
Juris Krumins, Denize Ponomarjova Are the ethnic inequalities at beginning of 21st century differing from preceding period? Case of Latvia
Ameed Saabneh Trends in the Arab-Jewish gap in life expectancy in Israel
Klára Hulíková, Boris Burcin, Tereza Pachlová, Dan Kašpar Mortality curve smoothing: crucial question of finding and selection of the optimal parametric function
Heather Booth Coherent forecasting of mortality


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